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First Year
  1. English
  2. Second Language (Telugu/Hindi/Sanskrit)
  3. Organisation & Management Theory                             View    Download
  4. Financial Accounting                                                            View     Download
  5. Managerial Economics                                                        View    Download
  6. Quantitative Techniques                                                      View    Download                                           
Second Year
  1. Cost & Management Accounting                                     View    Download 
  2. Corporate Accounting                                                         View    Download
  3. Entrepreneurship Development                                           View    Download
  4. Banking & Financial Systems                                              View    Download
  5. Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions           View    Download
  6. Auditing & Business Communications                             View    Download
  7. Fundamentals of Information Technology                    View    Download
Third Year
  1. Marketing Management                                                      View    Download
  2. Human Resource Management                                        View    Download
  3. Business & Corporate Laws                                               View    Download
  4. Economic & Business Environment                               View    Download
  5. Financial Management                                                       View    Download
  6. Tax law & Practice                                                                View    Download
  7. Project Report & Seminar Presentation                       list of topics

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